Workers’ Compensation Board of Nova Scotia

The following are some of the projects that have been completed for the WCBNS over the past 25 years. During that time period, 20 annual reports were created – that’s a lot of reports and data! Plus all kinds of corporate communications.

Establishing a brand

WCBNS produces numerous brochures, reports, plans, community reports, in-house newsletters plus other collateral. In 2008, they required a rebrand of their materials. WCBNS asked KBrown Design to create a new brand for all of their materials.

The designs provided the WCB with a well-designed visual identity across all of their digital and print communication pieces that helped them effectively deliver their prevention and return-to-work messages to their stakeholders. They wanted their collateral design to be distinct yet simple and easy to read. They wanted their visuals to be appealing and engaging: the new brand helped them achieve both. Effectively reaching their stakeholders is an important part of how the WCB is building a culture of safety in Nova Scotia: the more engaged their stakeholders are in the messages they share, the more likely they are to work safely. 


Statistics are very important to WCBNS and infographics are used to communicate this information to the public. Shown here is a statistical report to the public.