Memory Lane Heritage Village

Memory Lane is a living history museum depicting coastal rural life in Nova Scotia during the 1940s. They required a rebrand as their existing logo and brand did not properly reflect the 1940s. The first step to creating the logo was to research clothing, colours, typography through advertising, signs, magazines in the museum’s archives.

The logo is based on 1940s colours, typography and clothing styles. One of the key historical items at the village is their bright red truck. We designed the logo so that it looks like dad has just bought a new truck (very prestigious at that time) and his wife and kids are posing for a photo in front of the truck (again a very typical thing to do at that time).

KBrown Design collaborated with Bonnie Ross, illustrator, to create the final logo and village map. Shown here are the logo, Visitor Map, two different highway signs.

Memory Lane has received a lot of positive feedback about the look and feel of the signs, the overall rebranding, and better communication of what people can expect at their museum. People have been very excited by the rebranding. 

Client: Lake Charlotte Area Heritage Society