WCBNS partnered with Capital Health to create a program promoting health and safety at work. Soteria is the Greek goddess of safety and an inspiration for the logo. Illustration: Bonnie Ross

Bread and Roses logo for the Status of Women’s bursary.

Memory Lane Heritage Village logo.
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Illustration: Bonnie Ross

Three logos for Nova Scotia Fisheries Sector Council. 1) Fishjobs website; 2) Safe at Sea Program; 3) Are you Ready Program. Click here for more information.

Canadian Autism Partnership Program logo.
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Nova Scotia Federation of Agriculture logo.
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Keep Me Litter Free logo for an NS Department of Environment campaign.
Illustration: Elizabeth Owen

Maritime Newborn Screening Program logo for a newborn blood screening program at the IWK.

Primary Health Care Nova Scotia logo.

Bristol Group logo. 

Gates Morris Marketing logo.

Halifax Bricklayers’ Co-operative logo.

Enjoy the Outdoors Safely logo for a Department of Health campaign. Illustration: Elizabeth Owen.